F---- Off Collective is a collaborative project for survivors making 

art for other survivors, creating a safe environment to express our trauma and frustration with the systems which enable abuse. The first show was held at Limbo Limbo, an artist-run-space in Peckham, where I created a performance/installation with a big step-on piano toy.

You know that guy from a click bait article a while back who was going to play piano until his ex girlfriend came back to him? Well I’m going to play piano until all straight cis guys leave me alone. I’m hoping it will take under 3 minutes although studies suggest otherwise. 


Maz is going to sing a ballad, possibly you’d call it a love song despite emerging from the lips of one not convinced they’ve experienced love. After all, it’s tough finding love in the big city when you’ve got a streak of bad luck and live under heteronormative capitalism. There will be a grand piano to sprawl desperately across. The song is about a girl who wasn’t very nice but not as bad as many men have been.

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