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A short film commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Laindon is a camp exploration of the political landscape of the New Town. A portal has opened in Basildon, Essex on the site of Laindon Shopping Centre: a half demolished brutalist plaza earmarked for redevelopment. A young journalist enters an alternative reality Essex, where the synth pop scene pioneered by Basildon natives Depeche Mode and Alison Moyet flourished, and collective action defeated Thatcherite individualism to create a queer communist Essex utopia. The human creatures from the portal world move between the two Laindons via the unmanned border of the portal, calling in to question the discrepancy in representations of the movement of migrants and of gentrifiers. Essex Mums become freedom fighters challenging top down racist policymaking and rejecting the delusion of white working class sentiment. Narratives blur as the portal people run to save their home from destruction while Basildon Gospel Choir sing an ode to the town’s future. 

Laindon is my home town and I'd wanted to make a film about the shopping centre since I was a kid. When I heard it was finally being completely demolished I thought I'd better hurry up and do it!

Read my sequel Laindon 2

Buy here via Paypal or drop me an email or instagram message to arrange sliding scale purchase 

Premier at Artists' Film Club, ICA 

Video installation at Reunion, Assembly Point

London Short Film Festival 2019: Filter, RichMix 


Mascara Film Club 


   New Town Sounds

Directions Bas 1  

Club de Femmes @ Genesis Cinema

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