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A choose your own adventure style text based narrative with writings and short videos on gender identity, confusion, guilt and shame whilst navigating life as a trans person working in the service industry. Do I make a Kickstarter for rent or for top surgery, or for - god help me - my art practise? 

This game has only the illusion of choice, you are along for the ride - just like me! Inspired by/a rejection of the queer life writing sub-genre, skirting through trauma porn and tragedy, I try to offer an alternative to narratives of triumph, realisation and suffering. Admitting confusion and uncertainty and tangential lines, rather than a consistent journey from F to M.

Interrogating my need to turn these thoughts into art to be deemed valid or useful - I don’t have time to transition otherwise - and using it to talk about the ways trans identities can be co-opted and/or destroyed by neoliberal capitalism. The algorithm wants me to be a gender neutral fascist and capitalism might ask me for my pronouns before it works me in to the ground.

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