Southend Festival x The Other MA Residency

As part of a residency in a former shopping unit in Southend, I worked on a project looking at queer classicism and the use of antiquities to justify queer identities.

I see these threads running through high budget Oscar bait queer cinema (Call Me By Your Name, Blue is the Warmest Colour) trickling down from academia in to pop videos and mainstream appropriation of femme 4femme.


This misuse of Ancient European Art and Antiquity to validate queerness links to a wider troubling project which attempts to use a limited vision of 'queerness' to fortify the supremacy of the West.

I made my own set inspired by generic portrayals of luxury and antiquity in the Western Classical tradition, methods of preservation (recreation/reconstruction, thsitle on the seats to prevent their use) using cheap and unconvincing materials to gesture at the unreality of these definitions.

I appropriated imagery from a book of reproductions of Botecelli's Primavera, which showed close ups of the hands - an potential queer signifier now often removed from its context (fucking).

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